Creating Opinion Leaders: The Best Practice to Sell Your Products or Services


From: My Consulting Experience

Opinion Leader: – They don’t wear a uniform or belong to a union. You can’t identify them by sight. Opinion leaders are anyone who’s an active voice in a community. It’s somebody who speaks out and  gets asked for advice a lot.

So why opinion leaders are important to business..?

All the businesses are either providing a service or a product to its target customers, in that case the success or the failure of the product purely depends upon the comments of the target customers who used or experienced it.

So to make a positive and strong recommendation or reference about the product or service, the business should plan for making opinion leaders in the market because they can really influence the people around them. This is one of the best method to create an effective marketing in the target segment. This is why opinion leaders are important in business.

How can we identify the opinion leaders..?

Opinion leaders can be anyone or anything the customers ask for suggestion or recommendation. They are usually famous, knowledgeable and accepted by everyone in the target segment. Some of the example for opinion leaders are given below:-

a. Celebrities: They are common opinion leaders because they got huge fans and they tend to follow the celebrities even in the stuffs that they are using.

b. This one is kind of an online opinion leader, people are really looking at this site to get a clear review about the products in the market.

c. Magazine: There are magazines like ‘the automobile’, they got a relevancy in the mind of customers before buying a vehicle.

Likewise anything can be opinion leader in the market, the real success of the company is in identifying the real opinion leaders.

How to create opinion leaders..?

1- Tell the truth: – Always tell the truth to the the opinion leaders, or it will harm your company and the goodwill of the opinion leader. When a company believes its products, then that is the best method to create opinion leaders.

2- Do not create enemies: – Creating enemies is also like creating negative opinion leaders, they will kill your brand and you will find it difficult to enter in such target segment. So always believe in creating better relationship with everyone in and out of the organization.

3- The brand value: – Brand value is the most simple and the best thing that can make opinion leaders, for example we can say Apple, obviously the opinion leaders are high for that company because of its brand value and the trust.

4- Experience: – Opinion leaders must have experienced the quality, value and the benefits of the product or service without that there is no opinion leader. This is why celebrities are acting as opinion leader for almost all the personal care products.

“If you give values rather than cost, your product or service will find its opinion leaders…”


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