10 Things to Design Your Life and to Live In Your Passion


“If you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it…”

Its true that many of the people are existing but not living their life but why? There is no life if you don’t have a passion.

Its proven that we are the designers of out life as great people said “You are the product of your thoughts..”. Here, in this article I just listing down some points that can change your life; it can help you to “design your life and live in your passion..”.

1- Let go of the stuff that pulls back you from achieving your dream, desire and life that you are dreaming

Today is the day, where I challenge YOU to look deep within yourself and ask yourself a hard question;

What or who, in your life, do you need to let go of in order to cleanse out anger, frustration, emotional pain, sorrow, fear, negative thoughts etc?

Yes, its true that we all carry many things that we don’t need actually but we are not realizing that such things are squeezing your energy, make you feel tired, will let you down always when you want to do something.

ERASE all those thoughts, stuffs, people from your mind and life and start a new life that you are dreaming. Life needs a cleansing to start a new day.

2-Forgive yourself: Stop regretting about the past and start dreaming for the future

Many people, sometimes including me also regret about the past things, one thing is sure that we cannot change the past; so always think “past is past and lost is lost..”.

Make a decision to forgive yourself and move on – shift your focus from what you did not do; to what you can do now and in the future.

3- Identify the stuff that makes you happy and spent time for that and set it as the high priority thing in your life

All are wandering unnecessarily to get happiness, peace and comfort. Be quite for sometime and think about each and every moment that made you happy and from that choose the best thing and set it as your catalyst for happiness.

For example:

Spending time with your loved ones

– Listen your favorite music

– Take a day out

– Enjoy the solitude

Give much of your time to nurture things that make you happy than wasting time for unnecessary things.

4-  Action oriented attitude= success

People take resolutions but most of them are not trying for that. Have a quick review on your past year targets and achievements, in most of the cases you might see no result. so,

You either take action towards your goals or you don´t – there´s no in between! There´s no trying.

Being action oriented also means that you stop over-thinking things (because that´s not action), you look at the situation, make a quick decision to do what´s best – and then go take care of it!

Don’t let anything stand in your way, be proud of who you are and the decisions you make!

5- Prioritize what really matters and let go of the rest:- make room for what you really want

You can design your life by choosing what you want in your life but for that you need to make room for that, which means you should prioritize things that matters.

Always do things that meet your happiness and passion; never give your time and energy for what you don’t like to do and follow. Say “NO” without any hesitation and move fast.

6-Find your power quote and get inspired by that

Finding a power or making your own quote will give the energy and inspiration for achieve things in your life.

I defined my own power quote and that gives me some kind of fuel when i think of it. hmm. my quote is the following:-

“Designing my life and living in my passion…”

Really the above quote is from my heart and I trust the words in that, especially the word passion. So find your own quote and try to achieve the real life.

7-Raise your standards and enjoy the quality of life

Its not a marketing theme or something like that; its purely means setting up of higher standards in your life.

For eg. there is a hidden fact ‘people always unconsciously notice your shoes while you coming, so wear nice shoes..‘ . In this it tells, raise your standards in the following areas of life:-

– Physical and grooming (buy one or two branded things, you will see that people notice you..)

– Communication and approach (talk with full clarity, good eye contact etc)

– Professional (always provide more than expected, speak abot something new in discussions etc)

– Social (raise your attachment and make others feel your presence)

8- Identify your passion and break the rules for achieve that (only if needed)

The only person who can define your limit is YOU. So now break the rules and boundaries that you set in you mind and explore the real life.

You don’t need to obey the rule that pulls back you from achieving your dreams and life. So Break It!!

9- You weren’t born to be perfect, you were born to be yourself

“Perfectionism is always end in frustration…”

Never be a perfectionist, if you are, you will never be comfortable and satisfied.

Accept who you are and believe that no one replace your seat. If you do things with your full capacity, that itself is enough to achieve you want in your life.

Follow the three rules:-

1. Acknowledge your flaws instead of trying to hide them -ultimately you’ll gain more respect

2. Acknowledge your flaws instead of trying to hide them  ultimately you’ll gain more respect

3. Start with what you have – don´t wait for things to be perfect

10- Trust your heart and do what you love

Finally do what you love..

You don’t need to convince anyone, do things that you love but ensure that others are not affected by you. Without passion you cannot do things at its fullest, you cannot love what you do. So find your passion and live with that.

If you are passionate in doing things that you love:

– you will never feel tired and boring

-you will create wonders

– there won’t be any excuses

“Design your life and live in your passion…”


2014: Three Things to Do: Have A Dream, Break The Rules and Live Like Legend


2014: Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before entering into 2014…

a- Have you achieved anything that you targeted in 2013..?

b- What you feel when you compare 2013 with 2012..?

c- Did you create any mesmerizing moments in 2013..?

d- Did anybody feel any impact because of your presence or absence..?


Its true that many of the above questions would remain unanswered and which means YOU are simple flowing with the time without making a life of your own.

But 2014 can be a very fruitful and unforgettable year, how..? The answer is very simple, you need to have the following three things in your mind. Only you can create a transformation in your life. Here the three things:-

1. Have A Dream

In 2014, always think and dream about the life that you want to live when you have everything with you. It is only the dream that can take you to the success. So for that dream dream and dream.

Think about what are all the things that you need to do and think what are all the things that are far from you. Make a plan and take it as a habit of sticking on with your plan.


2. Break The Rules

History is made by those who BREAK THE RULES.

In your life all the rules and boundaries are defined only by YOU, so BREAK IT… If the man created the rule, the man can break it.

Never follow any rules; never make any boundaries that take away your happiness and dream, if there is then BREAK IT…

There is only one life and we don’t need to get any permission to celebrate it….

3. Live Like Legend

Definitely, in your dreams you are living a life that you exactly wish for. But don’t you want to create such a life..?

If you are really wanted to be like that, today is the right time to take the decision, a fresh year with a fresh mind and focus. Whether you are a student, employee or an entrepreneur, so a goal setting, have a resolution for 2014 and start chasing your dreams.

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