What do we need..? A Transformation or a Change..?


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Change: Scientifically it is “become different.. but for me it is ” a reversible process where nothing is permanent..“… it is like seasons, there is no permanent change, if there is spring then it will change to summer after a short duration, there everything is for a short time and change can be reversible too.

Transformation: Scientifically it is “a marked change in form, nature, or appearance..” but for me it is “An irreversible change from one stage to a better new stage…” Its like the transformation of caterpillar to beautiful butterfly, where there is no coming back.

Why do we need a transformation..?

The answer is very simple, we all are not living as like we live in our dreams also we miss the passion to live the way we really want. This is why we sometimes feel exhausted and frustrated, so we need a transformation from this level to something new and better level where we can enjoy the success and the failures too…

Is it possible to transform ourselves..?

Well, we don’t need to talk about theories of transformations, let’s take some real examples of people who transformed their life.

1. Judge Mathis

A real example for personal life transformation (Street gang to superior court judge)

Judge Greg Mathis was a member of the notorious Detroit street gang, the Errol Flynns. At age 17, he was incarcerated after being arrested several times. After his release, Mathis went to college where he became a campus activist; and he was later elected a superior court judge for Michigan’s 36th District.

2. Harland David Sanders (KFC)

A real example of business life transformation (Failure to Success)

Harland David Sanders, the famous KFC “Colonel,” couldn’t sell his chicken. More than 1,000 restaurants rejected him. But then one did, and today there are KFC restaurants bearing his image all over the world.

3. Richard Grasso

Richard Grasso © Daniel Acker/Bloomberg/Getty Images

A real example for professional life transformation (floor clerk to Chairman of NYSE)

The New York Stock Exchange’s high-powered executive kicked off his career in 1968, when he was hired as a floor clerk in the exchange’s mailroom. At the time of his retirement, he was the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange

So all the above mentioned examples are proven that the transformation is possible in all the areas of our life. But would have happened if all the above examples were just a change..? Ohhh.. !!

How can we transform our life and achieve the three levels of success..?

Its true that we can divide out life into three levels, that can help us to focus exactly where we need the transformation. The following are the three levels:

  1. Personal: Here is your happiness lies
  2. Profession: Here is your growth lies
  3. Business: Here is your success lies

The process of transformation starts from a determination “I Want To Transform…”. Yes, if you want transform your life to the level that you dream always, you need to take it in your heart and you need to find out your passion; the ultimate thing that makes you feel happiness, success and everything.

I would say, set realistic targets in each of the three levels and be committed to it, you will feel that your life is transforming. Only a daily habit can make a transformation, so change your habit. 

Follow the things that mentioned below:-

1. Personal life: Make a new daily habit, nothing can transform you  until you  take a daily implementation. For example drink more water to reduce your weight, smile at people, read books to expand your knowledge, take things positively by saying positive things, keep commitments, try to say NO when it needed etc. These simple habits can change your personal life.

2. Professional Life: Keep professional commitments, prepare well, always give more than expected, grab the opportunity, squeeze your knowledge and aim to earn experience. Have a clean focus on these and do things that can take you to these areas.

3. Business Life: Always ensure that three people are with you; a visionary (may be you), a strategist and an executioner. Business life will be a success when you have these three people with you. To transform you business believe in the following:-

SAVE (S- Solution, A- Accessibility, V- Value and E- Educate)

Whatever be the business, it should address all the factors that mentioned above. SAVE is the key to transform your business life. 

So “transform your life and live as you live in your dream…”

2014: Three Things to Do: Have A Dream, Break The Rules and Live Like Legend


2014: Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before entering into 2014…

a- Have you achieved anything that you targeted in 2013..?

b- What you feel when you compare 2013 with 2012..?

c- Did you create any mesmerizing moments in 2013..?

d- Did anybody feel any impact because of your presence or absence..?


Its true that many of the above questions would remain unanswered and which means YOU are simple flowing with the time without making a life of your own.

But 2014 can be a very fruitful and unforgettable year, how..? The answer is very simple, you need to have the following three things in your mind. Only you can create a transformation in your life. Here the three things:-

1. Have A Dream

In 2014, always think and dream about the life that you want to live when you have everything with you. It is only the dream that can take you to the success. So for that dream dream and dream.

Think about what are all the things that you need to do and think what are all the things that are far from you. Make a plan and take it as a habit of sticking on with your plan.


2. Break The Rules

History is made by those who BREAK THE RULES.

In your life all the rules and boundaries are defined only by YOU, so BREAK IT… If the man created the rule, the man can break it.

Never follow any rules; never make any boundaries that take away your happiness and dream, if there is then BREAK IT…

There is only one life and we don’t need to get any permission to celebrate it….

3. Live Like Legend

Definitely, in your dreams you are living a life that you exactly wish for. But don’t you want to create such a life..?

If you are really wanted to be like that, today is the right time to take the decision, a fresh year with a fresh mind and focus. Whether you are a student, employee or an entrepreneur, so a goal setting, have a resolution for 2014 and start chasing your dreams.