Narrow Your Focus When your sales is getting down..?


How to increase sales when the economy is down..? Its a very frequently asked question!!!!

Recently when I went through the business line, I read an article that discuss about some real factors that can bring your sales up even when the industry is down… The answer is simple:-


When the economy gets down then the companies become panic and the CEO and other managers only give more focus on sales, so they blindly focus on marketing rather than thinking and well planning to face the situations.

As the result of this panic scenario, they may reduce the price of products, they may increase the product line but what happens at the end of the day is that they also sink with the dawning economy.

So what should be the method to get up and rise..?

The method is called “Narrow your focus..”, which means “cut down the areas that cost high and have no results. ” Companies are like plants, over time, plants expand in every direction so a good gardener trims them from time to time. ” Companies should also take this with them, they should narrow your focus on things that can shine and provide better results.

So to alive in the economy you need to build a brand, of course local companies will exist when the market is up and they will no marks when the economy is down, so make a brand and trim your focus as many companies do in the real market.

For e.g. In the case of Apple, Apple has only one or two models and that replace the older one when they release new. And they are strong and made such a brand name that no any other companies even made with their ‘n’ number of items. But when we take Blackberry or Nokia, last year they introduced more than 15 models but what about their sales..? Nothing when compared to Apple. This is called the “narrowing  focus..” and the “brand name..”

So “Narrow Your Focus..” and keep going with a brand name…



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