Complicated Life..? Follow These Two Ideas


From: My Experience

Like everyone in the world, I also want to celebrate and live a very simple life. So here the question starts:-

How to live a very simple life or how to avoid complicated life situations..? This question made me to think about my past experiences where I felt my life was complicated and tough, finally I could find and summarize all those ways to simplify the life by just following two ideas in life

  1. Take A Break
  2. Make Room For What You Really Love

Take A Break:- It means, avoid the stuffs that squeeze your energy and spirit. In most of the complicated life we can see that they are always in tie up with the things that they don’t really need. This means take a break from:-

  • Negative people: One of the main reason for complicated life is because of the unhealthy relationship with people around us. Just let them go if they only spread negative energy and emotions and if possible wipe out the memories too.
  • Changing others: Nobody can change anyone without there willingness, so stop trying to change people who never willing to simplify there life.
  • Overtime work: Are we working for the living or living for working..? Think about it and ensure that you get enough breathing time to spent with the people and to do the things that you like to do.
  • Online presence: The modern trend, just take a break for sometime from the social and other online media, and try to find the time to make real friends. There are people who desperately looking for the status updates of others and the notification symbol to pop up. I believe you will definitely get enough time to do what you love.
  • Over expressing: Never show your emotions and feelings to those who don’t deserve it, you will feel exhausted so take a break from showing your feelings to everyone. Be selective and make it better.
  • Untidy rooms: The youngsters special, it is quite true that the place where we spent the time should be neat and comfortable or you will feel messy everywhere even in your daily routine. Take a break from messing up your room.
  • Being diplomatic: Diplomatic people never enjoy a relaxed life because they don’t know how to say “NO”, the single word that can minimize most of the issues. Try to say when you don’t like something, people will respect you and they will change the way they see you.

Make Room For What You Really Love: Always find the time to live for what you love. If you find your passion, no more you will work but you will start living a life that you really love. Identify what makes you happy, energetic, comfortable, freshness and feel special, so make a room for the following:-

  • The people: Spent time with the people who care for you, who loves you and they think you are important to them. It will give you the best life even if you don’t have anything else.
  • The passion: Always give the room for passion; without passion you will never happy with your work, career and life. Follow your passion, you will find the hardest thing like the easiest one. If photography is your passion, do it and spent time, you will get the best soon or later.
  • Simple celebration: Never miss a chance to celebrate your life. Celebrate your birthday, celebrate the hangouts with your friends, make each day a celebration by finding happiness in even the smallest thing and finally you will witness a life with simplicity and happiness.
  • Dream: Find the time to dream what you love and like, slowly and slowly you are making the path easier. The more you dream, the more you enjoy your life.

More than everything believe “Nobody can create a simple life unless and until they try…”.

“Design your life and live in your passion…”


Chill Out!!!- 14 Simple Ways To Enjoy A Day In Your Life


From My Own Experience

1. Pump some peaceful tunes

The right music can melt away stress in a matter of seconds. Keep a few of the tunes that you know make you feel good on your phone so you can pop in your headphones and relax at a moment’s notice. For example Chinese bamboo music is a big example for this.

2. Chew Gum

Chew gums, I don’t know whether it is practical for all but it is proved that many of the people get relaxed when they chew gums.

3. Breath In- Breath Out

Deep breathing soothes the body and mind – especially lengthening the exhalation which is known for its relaxation effects. Try this easy exercise to instantly chill out: breathe in to the count of five, hold in for five, and then slowly exhale while counting to five again. Repeat five times, and enjoy the instant calm! As you get more comfortable with the exercise, you can increase the number of breaths, or slow your breath even more by counting to six, seven, and so on.

4. Take a time out

The best way that everybody prefers. I usually go out or for a drive, if you are passionate in driving, it will make you more relaxed. The night breeze will make you feel better than ever.

5. Get quiet every once in a while

Switch off the TV, your cell phone, the computer; too much of gadget usage can cause stress. Appreciating silence can help you to feel more relaxed and peaceful.

6. Take a walk

A 20 minutes walk can boost your energy level. When I walk in the evening time to have my dinner (rarely) that itself gives some kind of freshness. For sure you will be warmed up and you will be relaxed.

7. Get organized

A well organized room, space can make you feel comfortable. When the place is messy you may feel exhausted and dry. Always make proper arrangements to keep it clean and simple and you will the change.

8. Know when to let go of someone or something

You may feel it odd!. but its truth that some people can also make you exhausted, or things can make you mad. LEAVE IT and LET IT GO. You should know when it should happen.

9. Spend time with nature

The best way,  we don’t need any explanation about the healing power the mother nature.

10. Learn to say no

Sometimes you just can’t be all things to all people. Learn to put healthy boundaries in place. If you are constantly running around trying to help other people, learn when to stop. Sometimes your own needs have to come first. You don’t have to become selfish, just know when to draw the line.

11. Enjoy the city bus & auto 

It really fun.!! When you are really don’t know what to do for spending time, go for a city bus or auto ride. Whenever I get bored, I used to prefer this because the night traffic, the breeze, people and everything feel like interesting. Prefer this only after 6:00 PM..


12. Watch a sunrise or a sunset

There is something special about the stillness of dawn and something profoundly beautiful about the colors of a sunset. Soothe and nurture your soul by enjoying these simple, natural pleasures. This image was taken from Marine Drive Cochin with my phone, the best place where i used to go.

13. Simplify your life

Simplify your life by taking things easily and be flexible and receptive.

14. Enjoy the small, simple things in life

Ultimately, enjoy each and every seconds and small things in your life. Stop crying for things that you missed but be happy for what you have right now. Have fun always.