For Entrepreneurs: 22 highly effective questions to ask yourself..?


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1.      How committed am I?
2.      What’s my value proposition?
3.       Am I clearly communicating my value proposition?
4.      Is my product/service a real business?
5.      What differentiates my product from the competition?
6.      How much power do my customers have?
7.      How much power do my suppliers have?
8.      Does my business have a moat around it?
9.      What’s my appetite for risk?
10.   Am I outsourcing the right tasks?
11.  Who is my role model?
12.  Am I measuring the right things?
13.  Do I have the right people?
14.   Are incentives aligned with business goals?
15.  Do I have the right customers?
16.  Are my assumptions still reasonable?
17.  Do I have a good lawyer?
18.  Am I truly harnessing technology?
19.  Am I thinking big enough?
20.  Can the business function day-to-day without me?
21.   Am I avoiding the tough decisions?

22.  Am I burned out?