How Great Memories Create Meaningful Life…?


From: My Own Life

Recently I met with a situation which I never expected in my life and that made me to think “what is the reason for remembering someone in our life and why we remember only very few people..?”. May be its a wild question but just think about the people you met in your life, I know you could easily remember some people at the time of reading this, also when you pull your memories back you might see some more faces but I am sure there are hundred and hundreds of faces that are hidden,  but why..?

why couldn’t we recollect the faces of others..? Just think about the people around you; if your friends, colleagues, neighbors, classmates etc ask this to themselves, and how many of them would remember your face at the time of asking this question. This is where memories play a big role in everybody’s life. This shows that without creating great memories nobody will remember you in their life so always keep one thing in your mind which is to create memories in others life.

So, how great memories create meaningful life..?

I would say that nobody will remember you until and unless you create a high impact in their life which means you need to create great memories in other’s life, then only you will be remembered. As i said earlier, the value or the depth of the memories that you created will determine the way you remembered in other life.

At the end of the day life will be meaningful when you feel that you have done something that can make you remembered even after your life in this world.

In our life, in the relationships that we had and having, the memories are the things that make you feel their presence and their absence, without memories there is no love, no friendship and no life

So how can we create great memories..? Here are some tips:

  • Give an experience that others never tasted
  • Smile at people, which is the most simplest way
  • Mind people when you are working in a society
  • Provide value while talking
  • Join when there is teamwork
  • Call people rather than messaging or mailing
  • Take initiative to meet people to whom you had issues
  • Determine to create great memories, if you do you will stick with that and can create memories
  • there are lot more and that are depends upon you..

If you created great memories in others life you will be remembered in their heart even when you are away and they will cherish the great memories that you created in their life. Enrich your life with great memories…


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