The One and the Only One Reason for Your Failure- “The Early Exit Strategy..”


From: My Own

There is a quote from Nina Sakura that is “Things can always get worse, but only quitters quit!”;  this quote is really powerful and shows that there will be tough times when you try to achieve something that you like the most, and that is the rule.

I am talking about the personal, professional and business life of people and the key reason why they are failure when try to achieve something in their life.

The only one reason is “The Exit Strategy Without Vision”; it is because including me, people look for an exit strategy (how to quit) before they face challenges in their life, so there will always be a tendency to quit from the path even when there is a smallest challenge.

So what is Exit Strategy..?

Exit strategy is a method or practice in which an entrepreneur gets out from his investment, a person who quit from his/her mission before achieving it (if don’t have a vision). If the people have a clear vision about their life, the exit strategy might help them otherwise there is nothing other than a pile of efforts.

Why you should not think about an exit strategy in the beginning?

It is always better to think about an exit strategy only after you achieve your objectives other wise when you face challenges you will be forced to take your exit strategy and you will get back from your path and finally you will be counting the efforts rather than than the results.

Yes, there are people who took exit strategy and became very successful in making wealth and brand name. The only one reason is that they have got a clear vision on their end goal and objective.

So is an exit strategy bad in personal, professional and business life..?

It is clear that if the time is good and the vision is clear then exit strategy can bring you to the top of success. For example there are people their vision is to make wealth out of their business, so they would try hard to make the business and their exit strategy would be ‘create a great company and sell it for wealth..’ so their exit strategy is absolutely true. Likewise always have a vision before you take your exit  strategy.

In all aspects like your personal and professional life it is important when you take an exit strategy. Do things as like you don’t have any other options (exit strategy) then you will put your maximum effort and finally you will reach your goal.


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